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As biosimilars enter the US market, will they be used, and can they reduce spending?

by Erik D. Smith, Ph.D., and Tom Yang, Ph.D., Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Last fall, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first biosimilar to treat multiple types of cancer.i While biosimilars have tremendous potential, there also is a good bit of uncertainty around them, particularly in oncology where biologics can have a predominant role in treatment.

February is National Cancer Prevention Month, which gives us a nice opportunity to explore the role biosimilars could play in preventing and treating cancer.

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Technology holds promise to improve the patient journey

by Sarah Thomas, Managing Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte Services LP

I recently had the pleasure of leading a webcast panel discussion with three of Deloitte’s top technology leaders. We took a sector-by-sector look at how technology is beginning to transform life sciences firms and health care organizations. While each panelist represented a different sector, they all agreed that multiple forces are putting pressure on stakeholders to incorporate new technologies,

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No sick days, no collars: How tech might help hospitals shrink labor costs

by Leslie Korenda, Research manager, Deloitte Services LLP

Labor is the single biggest line item for many hospital and health system budgets. As baby boomers retire and begin to face age-related health issues, they will likely seek more services from hospitals. But as the patient population expands, the pool of nurses and other caregivers is expected to recede, which—all else being equal—might push hospital labor costs even higher.

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Targeted cancer therapies are the next frontier of treatment, but room to innovate and improve chemotherapy in the mean time

by Doug Beaudoin, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

It is exciting to learn about new discoveries and breakthroughs in cancer treatment. Certainly the research community has made great strides in both prevention and treatment. The field of immunotherapy is striving to make the patient’s immune system fight back against cancer cells. Researchers have found that combining drugs with different targets can have positive results,

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How are patient-centered solutions transforming breakthroughs in oncology and beyond?

by Chris Zant, life sciences digital leader and Brett J. Davis, general manager of ConvergeHEALTH

With National Cancer Prevention Month taking place this month, the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions (CHS) sat down with Chris Zant, life sciences digital leader, and Brett Davis, general manager of ConvergeHEALTH, to explore how digital technology, real-world data, and advanced analytics are helping lead to breakthrough therapies that are helping transform the journey of care for cancer patients,

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