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Voucher or premium support?

There’s a big difference between vouchers and premium support but regrettably it goes unnoticed: vouchers are paid to individuals who may use the funds for a designated purpose. School vouchers are an example. By contrast, premium support payments in Medicare would be made directly to qualified health insurance plans on behalf of seniors who choose them from a Medicare exchange.

At issue: will the money end up in the right places? And will the care for seniors long-term be better since their role (in either case) is more direct? It’s only speculation: no one knows for sure. My hunch is seniors like the idea of choices, but they are more concerned about the security of the program. So the effort to sell Medicare reform will be more about security than which scheme is best to manage payments.

by Paul Keckley, PhD, Executive Director

Deloitte Center for Health Solutions


With your article I got the difference between Voucher or premium support...

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