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Emerging Practices in Health Care Analytics

Leading practices in the health care provider space have grown out of health care providers that really are what’s called an “integrated delivery system”. There’s one in particular that really has led the way as to how do you deliver tomorrow’s health care today, and they really do that with analytics.

It’s not just they have the best tools and they have the best processes—they’ve built an organization and an operating model and a culture that leads with analytics first. So they are structured in such a way that they’ve brought analytics to the point of care. They’ve staffed those with the appropriate analytical skillsets. So not just the technology people that write the reports or the algorithms; but the people that actually understand how care is being delivered. And they have processes to look into “are we doing this as efficiently as possible,” “what are we missing,” “what does the literature say,” and “what data could we be capturing at the point of care?”

Providers leading the way in healthcare delivery understand that analytics is much more than a software package or a technology project.  It’s a commitment to changing the way they do business, using data to help enhance quality of care while increasing efficiency.

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by Casey Graves, Principal

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Casey Graves, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP Casey Graves is a Principal in the IT Strategy and Management practice of Deloitte Consulting LLP. Casey has more than 17 years of consulting experience focused on Business and IT Strategy as well as Custom Systems Design and Development. Casey has led projects across all areas of Business and IT Strategy, with recent focus around IT Governance, IT Architecture Planning, IT Portfolio Management, IT Due Diligence and Program / Project Management.


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