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No sick days, no collars: How tech might help hospitals shrink labor costs

by Leslie Korenda, Research manager, Deloitte Services LLP

Labor is the single biggest line item for many hospital and health system budgets. As baby boomers retire and begin to face age-related health issues, they will likely seek more services from hospitals. But as the patient population expands, the pool of nurses and other caregivers is expected to recede, which—all else being equal—might push hospital labor costs even higher.

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Digital supply networks: A new imperative for life sciences

by Stephen Laaper, Principal, and John Allen, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Life sciences companies are usually not considered market leaders in the race to embrace new technology and digital transformation. Whether deserved or not, this reputation—and the reality—should change. Without the advantages of digital, leaders in life sciences could lose competitive ground that can’t easily be regained.

It’s an urgent call to action, but also a huge opportunity.

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The digital hospital: Powering a future without boundaries

by Chris Harris, Specialist leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Nick Wong, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Rachel’s end-to-end digital hospital experience
Imagine it’s a few years in the future; say, 2025. Four-year-old Rachel’s hospital operates under an incentive reimbursement model driven by quality and care outcomes for the populations it serves. Because Rachel has a history of medical complications that places her within the hospital’s higher-risk populations that require close monitoring,

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Innovations in infant monitoring devices

by Doug Beaudoin, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Inc. magazine released its 11th annual 30 Under 30 list featuring young entrepreneurs working to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. The founders of Neopenda made the list – the startup makes wearables that monitor four newborn vitals in developing countries. The women who founded Neopenda, which launched in 2015,

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Incubators could help medtech innovators hatch new products…and get them to market

by Sarah Thomas, Managing Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte Services LP

To improve health care, it often makes sense to invest in innovations that build upon existing technologies and new approaches that address the many health conditions for which there are no effective treatments. Innovations that reduce costs and morbidity are especially welcome.

While engineers and scientists continue to develop new technologies, they can run into barriers when building a case for their innovations,

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Deepening patient relationships and improving data capabilities

by David Rosner, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

After years of engaging primarily with physicians, many pharmaceutical companies are making a significant shift by starting to focus their commercial activities on building relationships directly with patients. Companies with highly specialized and rare disease therapies often have had this focus longer. But now many companies, including those with diversified portfolios, are looking for ways to add value along the continuum of patient care.

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