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When the music changes, so does the dance: Time for biopharma to get in step with value-based contracting

by Joseph M. Coppola, Managing Director, Life Sciences Commercial and Market Access Practice Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

There is a well-known African proverb, “When the music changes, so does the dance.” I was thinking about this recently when I was a panelist on SAP’s Changing the Game in Life Sciences radio program, “Outcome-Based Pricing: Cure for An Ailing Healthcare Industry.” The moderator asked me for a quote that I felt best represented what was happening in the industry related to emerging pricing and payment models.

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Proposal aims to solve the challenges for developing new antibiotics

by Doug Beaudoin, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

The shift from volume to value is happening all over health care, even in antibiotic development. A team of experts at Duke University released its Priority Antimicrobial Value and Entry (PAVE) proposal, which aims to assure a return-on-investment (ROI) for antibiotic developers. The proposal works by shifting the revenue of new antibiotics from the volume used to their value to treat high risk infections from multidrug-resistant bacteria.

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To ensure low-cost generic drugs, manufacturers must find equilibrium

by Faith Glazier, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Headlines and politics have been focusing quite a bit of attention on the price of pharmaceuticals – particularly generic drugs. While manufacturers of generic drugs have been effective at keeping treatment costs down, pressure to trim costs further could have the opposite effect, particularly if it leads to unprofitable products.

Generics account for the vast majority of drug sales in the US,

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The race for drug companies to develop the next generation of opioid-free pain medications

by Doug Beaudoin, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

With the opioid epidemic showing no signs of ceasing, drug manufacturers are working to get the next generation of safe painkillers on the market. Analysts estimate that the US spends $4 billion annually on opioids for pain relief. While many people who experience pain have reason to be on opioid medications at some point, health care industry and public health stakeholders are searching for alternative solutions to alleviate pain,

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Biopharma collaborations can bring R&D innovation to life

by Neil Lesser, Principal, Life Sciences, Monitor Deloitte

In today’s era of expansive (and expensive) biopharmaceutical R&D, public and private industry stakeholders are often looking for cost-effective ways to leverage their respective strengths and resources to accelerate innovation in patient treatment and care. Increasingly, biopharma company researchers are collaborating with a diverse set of health care players to address scientific and technological challenges,

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