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Investments in new IT tools are helping hospitals steer clear of the margin cliff

by Steve Burrill, Vice Chairman, US Health Care Leader, Deloitte LLP

Over just the past few months, I have noticed that hospitals and health systems are making bigger investments in virtual health and relationship tools that connect clinicians to patients, clinicians to other clinicians, and clinicians to virtual information that allows them to improve patient care. As traditional fee-for-service (FFS) gives way to payment models that reward value over volume,

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Health and research in 2019: Five trends to watch

by Margaret Anderson, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

There is something about a new year that gives us a clearer vantage point on the trends that might lie ahead. A new year might be an artificial demarcation point, but I use it to reflect on where the health care and innovation market is now, and where it could be headed.

The exponential promise that exists in the life sciences and health care sectors is unprecedented.

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Health systems: Here’s an enterprise-wide approach to virtual health

by Chris Shudes, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Some of the biggest thinkers and innovators in health care are in Orlando next week for the annual HIMSS19 Conference. Virtual health— a method of enabling continuous, connected care via digital and telecommunication technologies—is one topic that is certain to generate a lot of buzz during this year’s sessions. While virtual health certainly seems to be the hot topic du jour in health care,

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ACOs should worry about their overall Medicare strategy, not just Pathways to Success shared savings

by Mark Bethke, FSA, MAAA, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Prior to the Pathways to Success final rule, some people worried that proposed changes would begin to steer providers away from the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Instead, we believe the final rule—which the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid announced December 21—actually strengthens the program by accelerating the transition to risk and promoting the shift to Medicare Advantage (MA).

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Unlocking the untapped potential of intelligent automation in life sciences

by Shirish Gupta, senior manager, and Muna Tuna, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Intelligent Automation (IA)—the combination of artificial intelligence and automation—is rapidly becoming mainstream in nearly every sector of our economy. Companies are using IA to improve operational efficiencies by performing repetitive tasks far more quickly and accurately. Beyond improvements in productivity, IA also can enable higher levels of business value through innovation and strategic growth.

While industries such as financial services and retail have tapped into the potential of IA,

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Demonstrating and rewarding value in health care

by Jeff Morgan, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP The growing importance of real world evidence and value-based contracting programs

As the cost of health care continues to rise, life sciences companies are facing mounting pricing pressure and a growing need to continuously demonstrate the value of their products in a real-world population. These market forces are driving more and more life sciences companies to invest in new capabilities with the goal of harnessing the power of real world data (RWD) and changing how value is both demonstrated and rewarded.

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