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Cancer Moonshot panel publishes draft report to advance the initiative forward

The Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) released its first draft report last week. The report lays out 10 recommendations for accelerating cancer research to achieve the Cancer Moonshot’s goal of making a decade’s worth of cancer research progress in five years. The recommendations were informed by public comment and include building broad patient networks, improving clinical trials for cancer research, enhancing data sharing, and increasing evidence-based cancer prevention measures. The panel considered ideas from the broader cancer community submitted online, via email, and other routes.

The BRP, formed this spring, is made up of cancer researchers, oncologists, patient advocates, and representatives from the private sector and government agencies. The BRP established seven working groups to assess the state of the science and call out research opportunities that could benefit from the support of the Cancer Moonshot to inform the recommendations.

The working groups focused on the following areas:

  • Clinical trials
  • Enhanced data sharing
  • Cancer immunology
  • Implementation science
  • Pediatric cancer
  • Precision prevention and early detection
  • Tumor evolution and progression

The BRP’s recommendations focus heavily on establishing mechanisms for data sharing and engaging patients, including calling for the creation of a national cancer data system for sharing and analysis. It also calls for a federated network that offers patients tumor profiling. The report recommends more research to inform the development and clinical testing of new therapies, such as interdisciplinary studies to delineate the range of genetic, molecular, cellular, and physiologic mechanisms that lead cancer cells to become resistant to previously effective treatments.

Related: In the August 2, 2016 Health Care Current, Terri Cooper, principal and the Federal Health Sector leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP explained that there is not a community or family cancer has not impacted. As a result, when the White House announced the Cancer Moonshot initiative, communities across the country sprung to action to come up with plans to contribute to this challenge. One step Deloitte is taking is to design an XPRIZE Grand Challenge in cancer.*

Cancer research is incredibly specialized, which can result in research and data silos. Through Deloitte’s collaboration with XPRIZE, experts from across the industry will be engaged over the next several months to issue a challenge to cancer researchers to help meet the goals of the Cancer Moonshot initiative. The XPRIZE model has the potential to activate the crowd and unite traditional and non-conventional partners across this wide cancer ecosystem to address the most pressing challenges.

*XPRIZE is a nonprofit organization with the mission to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity, through large-scale, high-profile incentivized prize competitions.

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