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Drug rebates will remain… but so will pressure to reduce drug prices and demonstrate value

by George van Antwerp, managing director, and Joseph M. Coppola, managing director, Life Sciences Commercial and Market Access, Deloitte Consulting LLP

On July 10, the White House abandoned efforts to eliminate safe-harbor protections for drug rebates in Medicare Part D and Medicaid managed care due to concerns that the change would lead to higher premiums for beneficiaries. (For background on this issue, see our previous blogs.) While the rebate issue is now off the table,

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Back to the future: With increased scrutiny over price increases, the fundamentals of organic growth in biopharma are more important than ever

by Cameron McClearn, principal, and Tom Yang, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Price increases. This is arguably the most discussed topic in the biopharmaceutical industry today. In January, biopharmaceutical manufacturers raised list prices on more than 250 products.1 In July, 20 companies increased the list prices for more than 40 prescription drugs by an average of 13 percent.2 But are annual price increases a sustainable mechanism for driving future growth in biopharma?

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Safety first: Technology and analytics could help transform pharmacovigilance

by Kelly Traverso, Life Sciences R&D, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Sometimes a relatively small investment can lead to the development of a product or process that benefits a company, an industry, or even society as a whole. The three-point seat belt, for example, is a simple strap of nylon webbing that protects drivers and passengers from being injured in an accident. This innovation helped to transform safety standards in the automotive industry and has saved millions of lives.

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Digital tech and strong patient-advocacy partnerships could be a win-win-win for pharma, advocacy groups, and patients

by Jonathan Fox, Specialist leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

I’m in Philadelphia this week for the annual EyeForPharma conference where I’ll be moderating a panel looking into how pharmaceutical companies and advocacy groups can take their relationship to the next level. Both sides have something to gain, and the patient could be the biggest winner.

Pharmaceutical companies often collaborate with patient advocacy groups,

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As interest in oncology grows, real-world data could help biopharma firms improve clinical research, reduce costs

by Brett J. Davis, General Manager & Principal | ConvergeHealth by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Early this year, I attended the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference where investors and biopharmaceutical company executives were excited about the growth of personalized therapies—particularly in oncology. This optimism was somewhat tempered by some of the many challenges in oncology research and development (R&D) and bringing high-cost therapies to market. However, advances in digital health,

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Health and research in 2019: Five trends to watch

by Margaret Anderson, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

There is something about a new year that gives us a clearer vantage point on the trends that might lie ahead. A new year might be an artificial demarcation point, but I use it to reflect on where the health care and innovation market is now, and where it could be headed.

The exponential promise that exists in the life sciences and health care sectors is unprecedented.

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