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Do health-management programs work? Health plan execs might have no idea

by David Veroff, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Health plans have been investing in care management, wellness, and population health programs for decades. While the size and scope of health-management programs vary by company, many face the same challenge: The ability to accurately determine a return on investment (ROI).

The definition of health management is broad. It can include everything that helps a member effectively manage a chronic condition.

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The digital hospital: Powering a future without boundaries

by Chris Harris, Specialist leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Nick Wong, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Rachel’s end-to-end digital hospital experience
Imagine it’s a few years in the future; say, 2025. Four-year-old Rachel’s hospital operates under an incentive reimbursement model driven by quality and care outcomes for the populations it serves. Because Rachel has a history of medical complications that places her within the hospital’s higher-risk populations that require close monitoring,

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Startups are increasingly interested in disrupting the sleep industry

by Doug Beaudoin, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

A decade ago, pedometers were considered an innovative tool to count our steps. They had the potential to encourage people to walk more and get healthier. Now, many technology-enabled activity trackers are in the market that have evolved past simply counting our steps and are being incorporated into clothing, accessories, and devices that allow consumers and clinicians to easily monitor aspects of health.

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Is wellness the unicorn of health care?

by Sarah Thomas, Managing Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte Services LP

The recent announcement that wearable activity trackers might not help people lose weight put the health care world in quite a whirl. Critics raised questions about the study – whether the data were old, whether the technology is outdated, etc. While I wouldn’t have been surprised if the study had found no differences, I was surprised that the findings suggest that people who used wearables lost less weight than the people who did not use them!

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Planning ahead – for retirement and CMS payment policy changes

by Sarah Thomas, Managing Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte Services LP

Now that our second child is about to finish college, my husband Paul and I have shifted our financial planning strategy to focus on retirement. Just a few years ago that prospect was too far in the future to think about, but now we are having almost as much fun thinking about what we might do when we retire as what we might do if we won the lottery.

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Digging in: How are employers investing in health and wellness?

by Harry Greenspun, MD, Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte Services LP

I’m approaching the end of my heavy season, which runs from October 31 through my birthday later this week. This is the period when my weight slowly inches up (literally) as I deviate from my relatively low-carb, Caveman-style diet. Leftover Halloween candy holds me over until the pies of Thanksgiving kick in. Celebrating my wife’s birthday in early December sets me up for Hanukah,

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