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Fixing health care’s affordability crisis – Let’s win this one for the Gipper!

by Bill Copeland, Vice Chairman, US Life Sciences & Health Care Industry Leader, Deloitte LLP

As of last week, my youngest daughter has her driver’s license, and we are now in the market for a car. Grace knows that, while she will be driving the car, I am the one paying for it. That gives me some special rights to set spending limits, and require certain performance elements – such as safety,

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Curing what ails the individual health insurance market: Considering the role of state high-risk pools

by Greg Scott, Vice Chairman, US Health Plans Leader, Deloitte LLP

Regardless of whether you are a staunch Affordable Care Act (ACA) supporter or an ardent proponent of repeal, we should all agree that the individual health insurance market in this country is in need of reform. Unfortunately, it’s often easier to delineate the problems of the individual market than to develop workable and politically palatable solutions.

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In health care, we must look to the past to inform the future

by Bill Copeland, Vice Chairman, US Life Sciences & Health Care Industry Leader, Deloitte LLP

In most countries, January 1 starts the New Year. We have Julius Caesar to thank for that. In 46 BC, Caesar added the months of January (Ianuarius) and February (Februarius) to reform the Roman calendar. The Julian calendar more accurately measured the passing of the seasons based upon the solar year. It remained the standard until 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII refined it to measure more accurately the solar year and to better align with the spring equinox and Easter.

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Health IT may finally be ready to tackle last-mile analytics problems

by Dan Housman, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

I have spent several years working with specialty medical offices like oncology centers, diabetes clinics, IPAs (Independent Practice Associations), and disease advocacy groups seeking to build health care data warehouses and analytics solutions. During that time, I have seen the same concerns pop up over and over: “How can we understand the value and impact of our care if we only see the component of care that we provide?

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Back to the future: Is managed competition making a comeback?

by Sarah Thomas, Managing Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte Services LP

When I was in graduate school, many of my colleagues and I were intrigued with the concept of “managed competition.” The idea, originally championed by Alain Enthoven, was that employers or groups of employers would allow their employees to choose from among a number of health plans competing on premium and quality. 

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Brand and cost: Equal partners in the health care value equation

by Harry Greenspun, MD, Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte Services LP

As the summer draws to an end, my kids are gearing up to head back to school. In years past, procuring school supplies and getting together the requisite vaccination forms has been challenging, particularly as the start of the school season typically coincides with a ramp up in my business travel. But more recently, between online shopping and electronic health records,

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