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For health plans, next-gen workers may be just as critical as next-gen technology

by Eileen Schreiber Radis, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Nigel Lennox Ferguson, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Many health plans are investing in next-generation technologies, but they might not yet have a strategy for building a next-generation workforce. The nature of work in changing in health and in all industries. This is being driven by automation and technology as well as increased consumerism, generational shifts, and open talent models. We expect the future of work will impact every health plan employee.

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An industry on the brink of exponential change: Health in 2040

by Doug Beaudoin, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

While we don’t know with precision what the future of health might look like two decades out, we can look at signals in the market today—and disruption in other industries—to start to paint the picture.

Fundamental shifts in innovation tend to occur in seven-year cycles. By 2040, three of these cycles will have passed—each building off the other.

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The future of work: Lessons from an emerging global market

by Bushra Naaz, Manager, Deloitte Center of Health Solutions

The future of work is gaining momentum in the US and across the globe. I recently attended the Future of Workplace Summit in Mumbai, India’s financial district. I was curious to hear how companies in this dynamic and fast-paced city are approaching the future of work.

The Deloitte Center of Health Solutions recently conducted research on the future of work for the US health care market.

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Health systems: Here’s an enterprise-wide approach to virtual health

by Chris Shudes, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Some of the biggest thinkers and innovators in health care are in Orlando next week for the annual HIMSS19 Conference. Virtual health— a method of enabling continuous, connected care via digital and telecommunication technologies—is one topic that is certain to generate a lot of buzz during this year’s sessions. While virtual health certainly seems to be the hot topic du jour in health care,

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Unlocking the untapped potential of intelligent automation in life sciences

by Shirish Gupta, senior manager, and Muna Tuna, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Intelligent Automation (IA)—the combination of artificial intelligence and automation—is rapidly becoming mainstream in nearly every sector of our economy. Companies are using IA to improve operational efficiencies by performing repetitive tasks far more quickly and accurately. Beyond improvements in productivity, IA also can enable higher levels of business value through innovation and strategic growth.

While industries such as financial services and retail have tapped into the potential of IA,

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Smart Health Communities: Addressing the world’s health challenges with digital communities

by Lisa Purdy, partner and Asif Dhar, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

What does “smart” mean for health care and how innovation can help solve some of the world’s largest health challenges?

As incomes increase in societies around the world, so does access to modern medicine. As these societies move beyond addressing basic human needs such as food, clothing, security, and shelter, they look to establish health systems to allow their citizens to live longer.

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