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Infographic: No time to slow down: Looking ahead to 2015 HIX open enrollment

The 2014 health insurance exchange (HIX) open enrollment season is now over, and the first round of results are in. Initial estimates as of April 19, 2014, suggest that more than 8 million individuals are now enrolled in health insurance coverage through the federally-facilitated or state-based HIXs. The latest report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) gives a snapshot of these 8 million individuals, highlighting the age and gender of the individuals as well as their plan level and financial assistance selections. What the numbers don’t say, however, is becoming a greater focus for stakeholders in the health care industry.

This infographic gives a view into the latest enrollment figures from HHS and highlights uncertainties the industry could face as stakeholders begin placing bets for 2015 HIX open enrollment and beyond.

HIX Open Enrollment